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Custom Fabrication


 Quality and Superior Craftsmanship

Have an idea you want to make come to life? Need something made custom? Allow us to consult with you about the best way to make it happen. Custom metal shed roofs, awnings, trim pieces, table tops, counter tops, shelves, inserts, guards… You name it, we can help you.

We can cut, bend, curve, solder and more. Call us today to talk about your project.


Here is a small gallery of custom work we’ve done.

Copper Work

Copper barrel dormer and awning

Standing seam roof

Standing seam roof

Curved copper portico

Curved copper barrel roof

Custom Curved Copper Awning

Curved Copper Portico Roof

Custom Aluminum Chase Pan w/ Curved Shro

Aluminum Chase Pan and Curved Shroud with added galvanized screen and faux standing seams.

16 ga steel Perforated Shelves

16 GA Steel shelving

Powder coated perforated shelves

Perforated Shelving powder coated white

Custom standing seam awning

Standing Seam Metal Awning For Doorway

Custom Aluminum Masonry Cap

Masonry cap with added crosshatch designs

Custom Copper Caps

Copper masonry caps with custom flue cones

Aluminum Awning

Brown Aluminum Standing Seam Awning with built-in frame

Copper Dormer

Handmade 100% copper dormers

stainless wall paneling

stainless steel wall panel

Copper Dormers

Handmade 100% copper dormers

Table Top

Custom zinc galvanized table top

Welding Table Vent Hood

Custom welding table hood for an international company.

Copper Chimney Cap

Custom copper chimney cap

Stainless Table Top

Custom stainless table top for a grilling table

Soldered table top corner

Soldered and filed corner on a galvanized table top

Shed Roof

A custom made shed roof with simulated seams

Stainless Skirts

Custom stainless skirts for stainless tables

Copper Awning

Custom copper awning package

Copper Pizza Oven

Wrapped tile oven with copper panels in a high-end restaurant.

Counter top

Rolling cotton candy cart counter top custom made from copper

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You may send any pictures / designs to this address.

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