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Superior craftsmanship & quality

Our team delivers the best products for the best value. Guaranteed.

Just click on one of the sections below to learn more about some of the products we offer.
Custom Fabrication

Big or small

Roof Trims & Edge Metals

Standard and custom

Roof Trim
Chase Pans & Masonry Caps

Standard and custom

chase pan
Custom Fabrication

Get exactly what you need

Custom Fabrication
conductor boxes
Rainwater Management

Conductor boxes, box gutter & more

flat sheet metal
Flat Sheets

Full sheets or cut to size

Roof panels
Roof Panels

Made to design specs. Coming soon!

Malco Tools
Malco Tools

We're your authorized distributor

sentriclad colors (1).png
Painted Metal Color Chart

We primarily use SENTRICLAD painted metal. This chart is for reference only. Will look different in person.

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